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Q4 2011

This is a quarterly newsletter for architects, designers and planners who build and renovate our schools.  We research school building trends, fire codes and innovations in the use of fire-rated glass in schools, and publish what we find at Safe Glass for Schools.

In this issue, we report on how built-in fire protection contains school fires to the room of origin in 87% of educational properties, how fire rated glass can be used in exits to increase transparency and security, and how the University of Michigan used fire rated glazing to preserve historic stained glass windows while meeting fire safety code requirements.

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 Fire Rated Glass Blends Design & Safety  s  
Hastings Law Safti Prod
TriData evaluated data from over 15,000 fire departments in 50 states and found out that built-in fire protection contained fire spread in 87% of educational properties. Fire rated glazing also offers daily benefits, including day-lighting, security and shared lighting (e.g., U.C. Hastings on left.) Read more.... 

 Using Glazing in Means of Egress
Pomona College
The highest code standards apply to means of egress which provide life safety to people exiting in the event of a fire. The IBC prescribes the types and sizing of glazing that can be used in the three components of paths of egress. See examples of code compliant applications of fire rated glass such as this 2-hour stairwell at Pomona College (photo on left.) Read more...

 Case Study: University of Michigan  
University of Michigan Law School  
The proximity of a newly constructed common area to the Gothic-style Hutchins Hall at University of Michigan Law School presented a design challenge. SAFTI FIRST worked with architects and the glazing contractor to satisfy code requirements and preserve the historic stained glass and aged limestone. Read more... 

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