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Schools Replace Wire Glass

Q3 2011

This is a quarterly newsletter for architects, designers and planners who build and renovate our schools.  We research school building trends, fire codes and innovations in the use of fire-rated glass in schools, and publish what we find at Safe Glass for Schools.

In this issue, we profile the proactive, multi-year effort by Middlebury College to replace unsafe wired glass panels, and a recent ruling against the Portland school district for failing to prevent a 13-year-old's wired glass injury.

 Middlebury Replaces Unsafe Wired Glass   
MIddlebury dorm
Once the college became aware of the hazards of wired glass, Middlebury surveyed and catalogued 1500 pieces of traditional wired glass in doors and windows. Over a four-year period, the college replaced unsafe applications of wired glass with clear, wire-free, impact-safe, and affordable alternatives. 
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 Jury Finds Portland District Negligent 
Beaumont Middle School
In 2003, the IBC required that all glazing in potentially hazardous locations in educational facilities comply with the CPSC safety-glass standards. A court recently found the Portland district negligent for failing to replace a dangerous wired glass panel.  Read more...

 Video: SF School Creates Safer Campus 
NCIS Video
A San Francisco high school decided to replace all unsafe wired glass applications. This two part video chronicles NCIS's replacement program. Facilities manager Daniel Klingebiel states: "I sleep better at night knowing the wired glass danger has been removed."  Read more...

Thank you for your interest in using fire rated glass to make safer, better, greener schools.  Please check out our schools website, Safe Glass for Schools.  Let us know what you think, or if you have questions you want us to address in the future.




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