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Fire-Resistive Glass Protects People
and Property
Q4 2010


This is a quarterly newsletter for architects, designers and planners who build and renovate our schools.  We research innovations in the use of fire-rated glass as a building material, and publish what we find at Safe Glass for Schools.

In this issue we take a closer look at the use of fire-resistive glazing to balance active and passive fire protection and to protect lives and property from radiant heat.

ABCs of Balanced Fire Protection
Balanced fire protection
Schools place 15,000 calls a year for help in battling campus fires. The next step in curbing injuries and protecting school property is to adopt a balanced fire protection approach combining active and passive fire protection measures.
Read more....

 The Dangers of Radiant Heat
Radiant Heat
Where there's fire, there's an invisible deadly threat commonly referred to as radiant heat. Protecting people from radiant heat is vital because exposed individuals quickly feel unbearable pain, followed by second-degree burns, making safe egress impossible.  Read more...

 Fire-Resistive Glazing Makes the Grade
SAFTIFIRST's SuperLite II-XL blocks radiant heat and meets ASTM E119 wall standards.  Check out campus installations of fire-resistive glazing in door and wall applications.  Read more ...

 Case Study:  UC Davis Medical Center
UC Davis Atrium
SAFTIFIRST delivered 20,000 square feet of fire-resistive glazing and framing for the remodel and expansion of the University of California, Davis, Medical Center.  The glazing allowed architects to maximize the amount of natural light entering the facility.  Read more ...

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Campus Fire Facts

40% of K-12 schools, universities and hospitals experienced 1-3 fires
in last three years.

U.S. Schools place 15,000 calls each year for help in battling campus fires.

Fire fatalities claimed the lives of 140 college students in the last nine years.

In 2009, 58% of K-12 campus officials named "system maintenance" as their biggest, fire-protection challenge.

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