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Glazing Innovations Bring Light to Schools
April - June 2010

This is a quarterly newsletter for architects, designers and planners who build and renovate our schools.  We research construction trends, best practices and funding opportunities, and summarize what we find at Safe Glass for Schools.  

In this issue we look at innovations in fire-rated glazing that allow school designers to use transparent glazing where building codes once allowed only the use of opaque, conventional building materials.  Designers are finding exciting ways to use fire-rated glazing to help school districts increase student performance, make schools safer, and meet LEED standards. 
  Bring Light to Interior Spaces
Sunset school,
San Ysidro
Sunset elementary

Glazing has become the building material of choice, not just because of aesthetics, but also because light increases student performance, reduces energy use and improves vision, openness, connectivity and security in the learning environment.  Read more....
  Using Fire-Rated Glazing in Schools
Reece School,
New York
Reece School

Advances in fire-rated glazing have delivered new tools to designers working to maximize the amount of daylight reaching deep inside a school building.  School architects and designers are taking full advantage of glazing in schools nationwide.
 Case Study: Salt Lake City
North Layton Junior High, Salt Lake City

AJC Architects looked to SAFTI FIRST when it came time to renovate the media center and build a new counseling center at North Layton Junior High School. They used fire-rated glazing to meet code requirements and increase transparency. 
Read more ...
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Benefits of Light
Light classroom
Students learn
25% faster in rooms with abundant light.

Daylight benefits students regardless of grade level.

Schools save 40-80% in energy costs when patterned top-lighting is dimmed or turned off during the day.

By using fire-rated glazing in walls, stairwells, light wells and corridors, natural and shared light can reach deep into school interiors.

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